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VitaPlasma is owned and operated by WA Health Investments LLC in San Antonio Texas.  The owners of WA Health Investments LLC are affiliated with Caja Pharma and Stern Pharma in Mexico City and also with Welsh Holdings in both Texas and Monterrey Mexico. Vitaplasma is a small privately owned distribution company for medical products.

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After almost 40 years of research linking genetics to addiction and other behaviors, Dr. Kenneth Blum developed The Genetic Addiction Risk Score (GARS®). The Geneus Health clinically trialed and patented GARS® Test, is the first test to accurately predict vulnerability to addictive, impulsive, and compulsive behaviors, defined as Reward Deficiency Syndrome (RDS). Dr. Blum coined the term Reward Deficiency Syndrome to explain the genetic function of all addictions in 1995. RDS is now featured as a recognized psychological disorder in the official SAGE Encyclopedia of Abnormal Psychology


This research in reward deficiency syndrome was awarded a grant by the NIH to fund clinical trials using the GARS® Test. In summary, the GARS® Test and score can tell an individual their addiction propensity rate to prescription opioids, recreational drugs, alcohol, nicotine, sex, gambling, online gaming, food, along with predispositions to other RDS behaviors.


Our goal is to provide this powerful science and technology to improve addiction and behavior management for people everywhere.  


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